Chapel Weddings

Name: Roger Fruchey

Age: 57

Visa Status: Permanent Residency

Place of Residence: Toyonaka City, Osaka, Japan

Languages: English and Japanese

Experience with Weddings: 15 years.

Credentials: Certified Reverend, Bible Knowledge Certificate,
Christian Leadership Certificate

Telephone: 06-4863-5330
Fax: 06-4863-5330
Mobile Phone: 090-8377-7930


  • Andy. Limber (8 months)

    Same Roger that grew up by me in Paragould , played drums, and got circumcised at an older age, joined the U.S. Navy ?? Hope so ! Wishing you the best !

  • Andy Limber (8 months)

    if this is the Roger I know we rode horses at his grandma’s and his uncle caught us next morning after a wild time. My name is Andy Limber from Arkansas. My email is Love to hear from you.

    • (7 months)

      Hi Andy. This is indeed about the Roger you know! I am his webmaster. I will call him now and give him your message.

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